Our 2018 Production Team

Mark Surman

Festival Director

Mark is Executive Director of Mozilla, a global community that does everything from making Firefox to taking stands on issues like privacy and net neutrality. Mark’s main job is to build the movement side of Mozilla, rallying the citizens of the web, building alliances with like-minded organizations and leaders, and growing the open internet movement.

Sarah Allen

Executive Festival Director

Sarah Allen is MozFest's Executive Director. She is passionate about designing collaborative learning experiences that use art, culture and convenings to explore Internet health. Sarah draws her experience from a diverse events background in theatre, global sporting events and local community festivals. 2018 will be Sarah's 6th MozFest.

Allen “Gunner” Gunn

Co-designer and Emcee

Gunner is Executive Director of Aspiration in San Francisco, USA, and works to help NGOs, activists, foundations and software developers make more effective use of technology for social change. He is an experienced facilitator with a passion for designing collaborative open learning processes.

Kevin Zawacki

Comms Manager & Speaker Series Designer

Kevin Zawacki is Communications Manager for the Mozilla Foundation, and has a background in journalism and public relations. Kevin brings his magic to copy writing, media relations and is the mastermind behind the Dialogues and Debates speakers series. 2018 will be Kevin's fifth MozFest.

Kristina Gorr

Communications Lead

Kristina is Mozilla’s Open Leadership Community Coordinator. Communication is the name of her game and writing is her passion. She enjoys helping connect people, passions, and events using engaging language. This year marks Kristina’s third year supporting MozFest’s communication efforts.

Zannah Marsh

Content Strategist

Zannah has created interactive museum exhibits, organized global hackathons, developed collaborative workshops, and written and published her own mini-comics. She brings this mix of skills and experience to MozFest, where she provides support to session facilitators and space wranglers, and experiments with new ways to tell the story of the Festival.

Consuela McKenzie

Production Manager

Consuela is MozFest's production manager. She has headed hundreds of media productions and events, and is an advocate for events as a tool to bring people together to share in purposeful experiences. Consuela continues to create a festival where freedom of expression, innovation, and creativity can thrive.

Marc Walsh

Senior Production Coordinator

Marc is the senior production coordinator for MozFest 2018, with this being his seventh year working on the festival. Since last year, Mark has worked on large scale events around the world with organisations such as FIFA, BBC and BMW. Drawing on this experience, he brings his logistical and production mind-set to help make sure the cogs keep turning across the festival.

Stephanie Rowe

Production Coordinator

Stephanie is MozFest’s Production Coordinator. She has contributed to several large-scale international events over the years, from data analysis to ideation and planning. Stephanie brings both an analytical mind and deep creativity to her work, and is dedicated to creating a seamless and engaging MozFest experience.

Sabrina Ng

Creative Design Lead

Sabrina is a user experience and interface designer for Mozilla Foundation. She enjoys designing experiences that help build and connect communities, and this can been seen in her design direction across the website and print assests for the festival. 2018 will be her sixth festival.

Mavis Ou

Festival Lead Engineer

Mavis Ou is Front-end Engineer for the Mozilla Foundation. She enjoys implementing user-facing features, and is always keen to make user experience at MozFest, and in the software world better. 2018 will be Mavis' sixth MozFest.

Amanda Lee Gaffar

Executive Assistant

Amanda joined Mozilla in 2017, bringing her Executive Assistant expertise of over 20 years to the Foundation. During MozFest season, Amanda wears her travel hero hat and manages logistics for everyone traveling to London. If you see Amanda at MozFest be sure to give her a high five!

Tom Farrow

Volunteer Coordinator

Tom is a second-year volunteer coordinator for MozFest, with experience across a large portion of the festival programming. Tom primarily handles planning and local communications for the volunteer program.

Ziggy Maes

Volunteer Coordinator

Ziggy is one of the volunteer coordinators for MozFest 2018 and has been involved with the Festival since 2011. As a Mozilla Rep, he focuses on developing the Belgian Mozilla community back home and organizes Mozilla’s yearly presence at FOSDEM as well. You’ll most definitely see him running through the venue during the event!

Robert Sayles

Senior Volunteer Coordinator

Robby is a Mozilla Rep Mentor based out of Dallas, Texas. He loves volunteering, the open web, and aviation. He is a longtime contributor to Mozilla and MozFest.

Our 2018 Space & Experience Wranglers

Digital Inclusion

Kristine Grivcova

Kristine Grivcova is a research engineer from London. She works at the BBC R&D, where she thinks about the future of technology and media. More specifically, Kristine explores machine learning and how it can be used in radio applications in a unique and transparent way.

Daniel Lucio

Daniel is a community impact manager with Google Fiber based in Austin, Texas. From fighting border walls to registering voters, his work has focused on empowering underserved communities in the U.S. He is currently working on creating digital equity through digital inclusion and civic technology projects in Texas.

Carolina Tejada

Caro is a learning strategist at Causa y Efecto, a Colombian start-up that improves the productivity of small and big organizations through new technologies and disruptive training techniques. Caro strives to make technology affordable and accessible for organizations of all sizes.

Jon Tutcher

Jon is a technologist and data engineer from Manchester, UK. He works at the BBC, where he's trying to figure out how to build responsible AI and knowledge sharing systems.

Edoardo Viola

Edoardo is an open-source enthusiast and community addict. He uses his powers to protect the open web and the people in his life against digital threats. He is a computer scientist devoted to helping people read, write, and participate on the web.


Mark Boas

Mark is an open web enthusiast and open-source developer based near Florence, Italy. A 2012 Knight-Mozilla OpenNews fellow, he enjoys working where web meets media. Co-founder of Trint, co-creator of Hyperaud.io, jPlayer, and Beastmaster at Bad Idea Factory, Mark is currently working with a number of nonprofit organisations.

Kade Morton

An information security practitioner, Kade is the founder of Aletheia, a community that’s building a decentralised, open-access publishing platform for scientific research and cultural preservation. He also runs Panopticon Project, an open database of open-source intelligence covering the capabilities of Advanced Persistent Threats, nation states, and corporations.

Natasha Pillai

Natasha is an enterprise risk advisor for a government agency in New Zealand. She has a background in electronics engineering, cyber security, privacy and technology risk management. Natasha’s interests include data protection, privacy, emerging technology, innovations and especially women in technology.

Ross Schulman

Ross Schulman is a senior counsel and senior policy technologist at New America’s Open Technology Institute, where he focuses on internet measurement, emerging technologies, surveillance, and decentralization. He is interested in where the open web meets decentralized networks to bring privacy, freedom, and shared experience to people around the world.

Tendai Tirivanhu

Tendai is a young professional whose interests lie in financial literacy and technology education among women. She is passionate about bringing diversity to finance and technology spaces and cultural preservation.


David Bild

David is an educator in Chicago where he runs teen programs focused on urban ecology and environmental science. Teens in his program develop projects following open-science principles, use low-cost and DIY sampling methods, and create media-rich digital maps and other data visualizations that are posted on project websites.

Mariano Blejman

Mariano is an intrepreneur in media innovation across Latin America. He built media innovation acceleration projects, and in 2012 launched Media Party, the biggest media conference in Latin America. Now he run the digital strategy in a third media group in Argentina

Dennis Ndegwa

Dennis is a technology professional from Kenya. He has been involved in projects such as Kenya Open Data Initiative and the Digital Skills Observatory. He will be wrangling MozFest for the first time this year and hopes to bring a fresh new perspective. He enjoys meeting people and exchanging ideas.

Princiya Sequeira

Princiya is a software engineer who does all things front-end on the web. JavaScript is her second love — food comes first. When not coding or cooking, she is an open-source, privacy, and diversity advocate. She is too obsessed these days to translate any tech jargon into meaningful cartoons.

Marcos Vital

Marcos is a biologist, lecturer, and researcher from Brazil. He is passionate about teaching and science, and might try to convince you that biostatistics, R, dragonfly behaviour, or other random topics are most fascinating subjects ever. He is also a geek that loves books, video games, music, beer, and meeting people.

Stephanie Wright

Steph is a former (always?) librarian and open science nerd on Mozilla's Open Leadership team. As a self-proclaimed open data geek, she has a passion for the stories data can tell. If not in the Openness Space, you will probably find her at one of MozFest's many coffee carts throughout the festival — just look for the purple hair.

Yo Yehudi

Yo is a research software engineer and community manager. By day she works at the University of Cambridge on an open-source biological data warehouse, and by night you'll find her passionately evangelising open-source code in science. She enjoys running, cycling, and sci-fi, and eats far too much avocado.

Privacy and Security

Jenn Beard

A naturally curious person, Jenn enjoys learning, making craft cocktails, and traveling, particularly to island nations. According to her friends, she has yet to find a situation where she hasn’t made at least one friend. Jenn is a fairly open person, but bans connected personal assistant devices in her home.

Teon Brooks

Teon is a data scientist for the Test Pilot team at Mozilla. His background is in cognitive science and he is very interested in how we process and understand information in our real life and in our digital life.

Mehan Jayasuriya

Mehan Jayasuriya is a program manager at Mozilla, where he oversees the NSF-WINS (Wireless Innovation for a Networked Society) Challenges and portions of the MOSS (Mozilla Open Source Support) program. He has previously worked for Tumblr, General Assembly, and NYU, and has written for The Guardian, Gizmodo, and Pitchfork.

Mandy Rawlings

Mandy is the HR operations coordinator at Mozilla. She is a Toronto-based people person who is passionate about helping others succeed. Mandy believes that a healthy internet, and the safe and ethical use of data and insights, can make the world a better place to live.

David Ross

David is a highly-active member of Mozilla's UK volunteer community and a Mozilla Rep. Ocassionally found off-line hosting workshops, London MozCoffee, and a variety of other frequent events, and found online deeply embedded in decentralization, exploring ethical alternatives, metamodernism, activism, LGBTQIA rights, and building Fit Open — a people-powered outdoor fitness and endurance sports social enterprise.

Web Literacy

Juma Baldeh

Juma preceded the Mozilla club HackathonGirls, which teaches web literacy to young girls. She is the country manager for Kubo, an open school platform in Gambia, and is also a Firefox champion. Juma envisions a future where there is a strong, equitable role on the web for the next generation of women.

Geraldo Barros

Geraldo is a front-end developer, facilitator, and educator with a history of working in technology and social innovation. He is passionate about teaching digital inclusion and web literacy to local communities and is among Mozilla's 2017 Network50 awardees.

Winnie Makokha

Winnie’s background spans the fields of environmental and occupational health, safety, research, and use of technology for advocacy. She was a researcher in the Digital Skills Observatory, a Mozilla project in Kenya. She brings conversations about feminism to the web.

Priyanka Nag

Priyanka is a technical writer at Red Hat. Though her primary skill is supposed to be writing, she is mostly a total chatter box. She is an open-source enthusiast who likes to hang out with geeks, drink a lot of coffee, and spend way too much of her time in front of the black terminal.

Berhan Taye

Berhan Taye is a campaigner at Access Now. She leads the #KeepItOn campaign, which fights internet shutdowns across the world. She is an activist and a researcher who works at the intersection of social justice and tech. Berhan was a Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow, and this is her second MozFest.

Ryan Warsaw

Ryan is a software engineer at Enki and core contributor at Mozilla. He is oriented around the learning space, and in his free time contributes to Mozilla's previous and current learning products such as Webmaker, Thimble, and the Digital Skills Observatory initative.

Youth Zone

Dervla O'Brien

A student of computer science at Cardiff University, Dervla dreams of a world where the gap between the arts and sciences has been bridged. Her experience in youth work and with the Corrymeela community has led her to finding and building intentional, inclusive communities online.

Tina Gotschi

Tina is a computer science and technology educator at Ada, the National College for Digital Skills. She is passionate about creativity and technology and how people can collaborate to build a successful future for us all.

Emrys Green

Emrys is a digital and arts project manager working on a range of projects in the UK. Emrys works for Upstart Projects & Cloud Artisans and has a background in participation policy and theatre.

Alan McCullagh

Alan is Irish and now French, too. He fell into computers aged five with LOGO, Turtle and BBC Micros. During 14 years in Vaucluse, he's spent time in language and tech support. He enjoys working on digital education, getting paid to play with Robots, Raspberry Pi and Scratch, and transmitting a passion for geekiness.

Andrew Mulholland

A computer science graduate, Andrew is passionate about getting kids excited and involved in computer science and digital making. In his free time, he can be found working with schools and running events including the Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam.

Marie-jubilee Muntunkaye

MJ is a student at Ada, the National College For Digital Skills who is currently studying computer science and graphics. MJ is passionate about art, technology, and women in tech.

Simone Ram

Simone Ram is a student learning computer science. He is a very friendly and approachable person eager to help you overcome any problem. Simone's interests are in technology, biology, and the arts.

Chad Sansing

Chad is a curriculum manager at Mozilla working on open leadership and events. Before joining Mozilla, Chad spent 14 years in the classroom teaching English, social studies, and technology. This is his sixth MozFest.

Victor Sansing

Victor is a sophomore in high school. He brings his curiosity and ideas about how to engage young people with MozFest to the team.

Joseph Thomas

Joseph studies computer science at university, and at heart wishes the world was a bit more whimsical. What better area is there for this then technology, which brings virtual worlds, crazy inventions, and items that can only be described as “magic” to life?

Art + Data

Luca M. Damiani

Luca is a media artist practicing internationally in the fields of the arts and design, technology, and visual culture. He’s a Lecturer in graphic and media design at University of the Arts London, and digital producer at Tate. Luca is always creating ongoing conversations about the role of the arts in society.

Irini Papadimitriou

Irini is a curator and producer working at the forefront of digital culture. As digital programmes manager at the V&A, Irini is responsible for the annual Digital Design Weekend. Irini is also head of new media arts development at Watermans, and co-founder of Maker Assembly, a critical gathering about maker cultures.

Angela Plohman

Angela is the executive vice president of the Mozilla Foundation. She has spent close to two decades playing key leadership roles in the fields of art, culture, and open-source technology. Prior to Mozilla, she was director of Baltan Laboratories, a laboratory for art and technology based in Eindhoven (NL).

Gaming MozFest

Hang Do Thi Duc

Hang is a design technologist whose work explores the social web and the effect of data-driven technologies on privacy, identity, and society. She is the creator of the browser extension Data Selfie and the privacy research and data storytelling project about Venmo’s public feed Public By Default.

Rebecca Ricks

Becca Ricks is a researcher and creative technologist thinking about online privacy and computational systems within a human rights framework. Her work investigates how social platforms collect, monetize, and disclose data about people using automated or opaque processes. Most recently, Becca was a Mozilla Fellow researching encryption and privacy at Human Rights Watch.

Ashlyn Sparrow

Ashlyn Sparrow is the learning technology director and lead game designer at the University of Chicago’s Game Changer Chicago Design Lab. She is also creative director at Resilient Games Studio. Ashlyn has worked on serious board, card, and digital games, and also public health apps.

Queering MozFest

Sarah Aoun

Sarah Aoun is a data activist, operational security trainer, and 2017-2018 Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow working on data privacy and security. Her work lies at the intersection of tech, human rights, and transformative justice. She collaborates with activists, journalists, and grassroots social movements on digital security, ethical data and privacy, and data-driven storytelling.

Stephanie Ouillon

Stéphanie is a security engineer at Mozilla working on Firefox. She loves exploring how tech and politics intersect.

Marnie Pasciuto Wood

Marnie is an Engineering Program Manager for the Test Pilot, Shield, and Iodide teams of Firefox. When she's not shipping browser experiments, you can find Marnie playing futsal as a goal keeper, coaching two soccer teams, or coaching a boys lacrosse team. She drinks way too much espresso.

MozFest Sponsors

MozFest is the world’s leading event for and by the open Internet movement, and one of Mozilla’s largest annual networking opportunities. This weeklong festival of interactive sessions, hands-on activities, and engaging talks brings together more than 2,500 passionate advocates of the open web from around the world.

In 2018, Mozilla is offering opportunities for mission-aligned companies to showcase their commitment to a healthy Internet with our 2,500+ guests and the millions of engaged supporters online. By partnering with us, you can:

  • Engage Mozilla audiences with your brand in an authentic way providing real insights on your products and reach new customers
  • Align your message with Mozilla to help showcase your support for protecting the Internet as a global public resource
  • Help shape smart policy that is good for innovation and good for the Internet
  • Provide your employees and clients with ways to teach, learn and get involved in key issues affecting the Internet today

Together, we can protect the Internet as a resource that will help grow your business, spark your next great idea, and deliver you the best tools and resources to get the job done.

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2018 Partners

MozFest would like to thank the following partners for their support in creating the festival program.

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