Our 2017 Production Team

Mark Surman

Festival Director

Mark is Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation, a global community that does everything from making Firefox to taking stands on issues like privacy and net neutrality. Mark’s main job is to build the movement side of Mozilla, rallying the citizens of the web, building alliances with like-minded organizations and leaders, and growing the open internet movement.

Sarah Allen

Executive Festival Director

Sarah Allen is MozFest's Executive Director. When she is not focused on MozFest, she works with the network to deliver Mozilla aligned convenings around the globe. Sarah draws her experience from a diverse events background working in theatrical experiences, global sporting events and community festivals. MozFest 2017 will be Sarah’s fifth festival.

Erika Drushka

Program Designer

Erika Drushka is the Program Designer for MozFest 2017. With a background in documentary film making, advocacy and fundraising, Erika's focus at Mozilla is building network strength in the open internet movement through convenings. This will be Erika's fifth MozFest.

Chris Lawrence

As Vice President, Mozilla Leadership Network, Chris oversees the development and expansion of a global network of leaders for Internet health. These efforts have reached hundreds of thousands of people in over 90 cities across the globe. Chris has never missed a Mozilla Festival!

Allen “Gunner” Gunn

Co-designer and Emcee

Gunner is Executive Director of Aspiration in San Francisco, USA, and works to help NGOs, activists, foundations and software developers make more effective use of technology for social change. He is an experienced facilitator with a passion for designing collaborative open learning processes.

Kevin Zawacki

Comms Manager & Speaker Series Designer

Kevin Zawacki is Communications Manager for the Mozilla Foundation, and has a background in journalism and public relations. Kevin brings his magic to copy writing, media relations and is the mastermind behind the Dialogues and Debates speakers series. 2017 will be Kevin's fourth MozFest.

Marc Walsh

Senior Production Coordinator

Marc is the Senior Production Coordinator for MozFest 2017, his sixth year with the festival. Since last year he’s worked on various large scale experimental events as well as Glastonbury and the BBC Music Awards. Drawing on this experience, he brings his logistical and production mind-set to help make sure the cogs keep turning across the weekend.

Esme Simcox

Production Assistant

Esme is the Production Assistant for MozFest 2017. She is still in university studying Digital Television Production at Ravensbourne and has recently produced their Graduate Show. This will be her first MozFest.

Dan Rad

Logistics Assistant

Dan Rad is a Logistics Assistant. This is his second year with MozFest. Dan graduated from Ravensbourne with a degree in Digital Television Production and has worked on a variety of short films and TV shows.

Tom Farrow

Volunteer Coordinator

Tom co-ordinates process, governance and logistics for a number of community teams across Mozilla. With experience in technology and process management, Tom is joining this year's volunteer co-ordinator team. He aims to empower volunteers to feel effective and welcomed over the weekend by bringing in a process and people mindset.

Ziggy Maes

Volunteer Coordinator

Ziggy is one of the volunteer coordinators for MozFest 2017 and has been involved with the Festival since 2011. As a Mozilla Rep, he focuses on developing the Belgian Mozilla community back home and organizes Mozilla’s yearly presence at FOSDEM as well. You’ll most definitely see him running through the venue during the event!

Robert Sayles

Volunteer Coordinator

Robby is a Mozilla Rep Mentor based out of Dallas, Texas. He loves volunteering and a big web and aviation feel.

Our 2017 Space & Experience Wranglers


Mark Boas

Mark is an advocate of the Open Web and developer of Open Source software. A 2012 Knight-Mozilla OpenNews fellow, Mark enjoys working at the intersection of web technology and media. Mark is also co-founder of Trint, co-creator of jPlayer and Hyperaudio and is currently working with a number of non-profit organisations from his home in Italy.

Tim Cowlishaw

Tim works in R&D at the BBC, prototyping new methods for information search and discovery. He's researched, designed and built products on the web for over a decade. He also runs, which showcases experimental music and sound art. He is particularly interested in creative and artistic applications of web technologies.

Vigneshwer Dhinakaran

Vigneshwer is an innovative data scientist from Bengaluru who crunches real-time data and builds AI algorithms for complex business problems. He believes that technology needs human-centric design to cater to a diverse audience. He’s an active Mozilla volunteer leading community initiatives in India, and is the author of Rust Cookbook.

Ian Forrester

Ian is a well-known and likeable character on the UK digital scene. Living in Manchester where he works for the BBC's R&D North Lab, he specialises in open innovation and new disruptive opportunities by creating value via open engagement and collaborations with startups, universities, early adopters and hackers.

Jon Tutcher

Jon is a technologist at BBC Research & Development, where he's working on ways of making data about news and programmes more accessible and understandable. He's interested in open data, knowledge sharing, and semantics, and hopes that a push towards decentralization on the web will help out!

Digital Inclusion

Kenyatta Forbes

Kenyatta is a Community Manager for Hive Chicago with Mozilla Foundation. Her work focuses on community engagement, healthy internet, and quality programming for youth cultivation. She’s also is a game designer whose recent designs focus on generating interesting conversations or discussions. She draws inspiration from the media, social/cultural commentary, and design.

Hannah Kane

Hannah is a project manager and facilitator, with a longstanding commitment to creating safe, neutral spaces for positive social change. Her professional experience includes leading teams, managing products, planning events, and managing social media programs. She is the co-author of, and can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under three minutes.

Joe Nash

Joe is the student program manager at GitHub, helping the next generation of tech leaders create inclusive and diverse communities. He’s a strong believer in the educational benefits of hacker culture, and supports student hackers through both his professional work and community leadership. He’s also a level 10 Triton sorcerer.

Chrystian Rodriguez

Chrystian is the Network Manager for Mozilla, Hive NYC. He strengthens the network as a space for learning, innovation, and leadership by co-designing digital peer professional development opportunities to transform learning in NYC. He also teaches film at Third World Newsreel and is a collector of film soundtracks on vinyl.

Leah Ruffin

Leah writes, develops strategy, fosters collaboration and stewards resources based on empathy, authenticity, justice and love. She is deeply inspired by nature and enjoys a variety of body movement activity. Leah’s work at Mozilla involves funding pilot projects that integrate emerging technology and cross-sector partnerships to foster learning and career opportunities for youth.

Michael Saunby

Michael is an Associate Lecturer at the University of Exeter, CTO of Nano-Lit Technologies, occasional organiser of hackathons, maker of some things, collector of other things, dabbler, and procrastinator. Michael has also spent many years as a scientific programmer in remote sensing, climate prediction and visualisation.

Martha Sedgwick

Martha mainly encourages people to play with knives and fire (in a safe, controlled way). Working with children, she is fascinated by their different interpretations of our shared world. She wants the internet to be more inclusive and equitable for everyone.

Open Innovation

Christos Bacharakis

Christos is a computer science engineer, a free & open source advocate, and a Mozilla employee based in Thessaloniki, Greece. He empowers his community by running workshops on open source technologies and tools in a local hackerspace.He believes that true collaboration and open practises are the foundations of excellence and innovation.

Jenn Beard

Jenn is a naturally curious person who collects new experiences through continuous learning and travel. Currently, she works for Mozilla on a grant-making program that supports the creation of high-speed internet technologies for education. Jenn’s favorite area of innovation at the present time is craft cocktails.

Mehan Jayasuriya

Mehan is a technologist and writer based in Portland. At Mozilla, he oversees the WINS wireless innovation challenges, which connect the unconnected in some of the most difficult scenarios. He has worked for a variety of technology companies, academic institutions and non-profits, and he writes about culture, technology and policy.

Raegan MacDonald

Raegan leads Mozilla’s public policy work in the EU, covering issues such as copyright, net neutrality, privacy, and data protection. A policy wonk with experience in campaigning and advocacy, she's worked in Brussels for several years, both as manager of Access Now Brussels and with the European Digital Rights (EDRi) network.

Natalia Mileszyk

Natalia is a lawyer and public policy expert dealing with digital rights, copyright reform and open policies at Centrum Cyfrowe, a leading Polish think-and-do-tank exploring society’s response to the robust development of technology She’s also a member of Communia Association for Public Domain and legal expert for Creative Commons.

Aurelia Moser

Aurelia is a curious web-cartographer and coder in Brooklyn, NYC. She works at the Mozilla Science Lab on open source projects and open science fellowships. She also co-leads the NYC chapter of Girl Develop It, teaches web-programming at Parsons-J+D and SVA-DSI, and gives talks and writes books on geospatial tech.

Phillip Smith

Phillip is currently a Mozilla senior fellow for media, misinformation & trust and a John S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford working on business models for investigative reporting. He’s a veteran digital product developer, having spent more than two decades working with some of the world’s top newsrooms & publishers.

Kirstie Whitaker

Kirstie is a research fellow at the Alan Turing Institute for Data Science. She studies adolescent brain development and the emergence of mental health disorders in the teenage years. She was a 2016 Mozilla Fellow for Science and is a passionate advocate for reproducible research and diversity in STEM.

Privacy and Security

Brett Gaylor

Brett is a documentary filmmaker and the Commissioning Editor for Advocacy Media at the Mozilla Foundation. His privacy documentary Do Not Track is the recipient of the International Documentary Association award for best nonfiction series, the 2016 Peabody Award, and the Prix Gemaux for Best Interactive Series.

Jonathan Kingston

Jonathan works on the Privacy and Security team for Mozilla which mostly entails improving user interface for security features within Firefox.

Mavis Ou

Mavis is a software engineer at Mozilla Foundation. ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Stéphanie Ouillon

Stéphanie is a Security Engineer at Mozilla working on Firefox. She is passionate about privacy, security and their implications for people in their online and offline lives. Among other activities, she focuses on sharing technical knowledge beyond the Free and Open Source Software communities.

David Ross

David has strengths in customer service, flagship retail management, hospitality, staff training, and self-taught tech expertise. His default is always open source and is building an open endurance sports platform. A Mozfest regular since 2014, he brings a strong sense of community, diversity focus, and no fear of stairs.

Web Literacy

Julie Neville

Julie is a project manager, facilitator and photographer who champions Arts Award and youth voices by empowering young people to take the lead. Arts, culture and creative activities help to make the world inclusive, which is why she places the arts at the heart of digital learning.

Luke Pacholski

Luke is a coder, designer and all-around web enthusiast. At the Mozilla Foundation, he's spent most of his time building web-based tools—like Thimble—that allow people to create content for the web. He hopes this year's MozFest attendees will teach and inspire each other to do just that.

Jonathan Prozzi

Jonathan has worked with youth for nearly 10 years through academic coaching, cognitive training, teaching audio engineering, and as a maker educator. He is Director of Education of the Center of Excellence at the Digital Harbor Foundation where he develops resources for teaching technology and maker skills to youth and educators.

Fredrick Sigalla

Before joining DOT Tanzania as an IT & Digital Engagement Manager, Fredrick worked with different organizations, including Techno Brain Group and Medical Education Partnership Initiative Project as a web developer. Fredrick is enthusiastic about information technology and internet entrepreneurship, and has founded various IT initiatives, including Kasuku, a mobile business directory.

Edoardo Viola

Edoardo is a technical office manager for a small biotech corp and a tutor within the University of Cagliari in Italy. Besides his formal activities, he's a singer, a community coach and he helps citizens to build and improve their digital skills. In general, Edoardo is an open source enthusiast and a community addict.

Youth Zone

Connor Ballard-Pateman

Connor has been an active member of the maker community, having participated in numerous events and programmes over the past four years. He is currently an office and events manager at pi-top. Connor Graduated from the Raspberry Pi Creative Technologist programme in 2016, and possesses a diploma in Creative Arts.

Dorine Flies

Dorine’s interest in sociology and anthropology led her to explore how digital culture can build resilience and inclusion across communities. A keen RPG gamer, Dorine’s years spent assembling raid teams of young people in World of Warcraft lead her to a second career in HR supporting engineers (naturally)!

Andrew Mulholland

A computer science student currently studying at Queens University in Belfast, Andrea is passionate about getting kids excited and involved in computer science and digital making. In his free time, he can be found working with schools and running events including the Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam.

Grace Owolade-Coombes

Grace is co-founder of South London Raspberry Jam and delivers autism and Tourette's Syndrome-friendly digital making workshops. She’s a certified Raspberry PI educator and specialist in specific learning difficulties. A proud parent to two young coders, Grace explores the transformative experience of learning in informal shared spaces and advocates peer learning.

Shwetal Shah

Shwetal works at Drumroll HQ developing a video game teaching programming to kids. She runs Explore-Science, which promotes women scientists’ work, has made two documentaries to empower youth and women, and is working on Morsel, a project to tackle isolation. She received the 2017 Business Launchpad Female Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Artist Open Studio

Luca M Damiani

Visual artist Luca M Damiani works and practices internationally in the fields of arts & design, technology and visual culture. He’s digital studio producer at Tate and lecturer in graphic and media design at University Arts London. Luca is always creating ongoing conversations about the role of the arts in society.

Irini Papadimitriou

Irini is a curator and producer, working at the forefront of digital culture. As Digital Programmes Manager at the V&A Irini is responsible for the annual Digital Design Weekend. Irini is also Head of New Media Arts Development at Watermans, and co-founder of Maker Assembly, a critical gathering about maker cultures.

Angela Plohman

Angela is the Executive Vice President of the Mozilla Foundation. She has spent close to two decades playing key leadership roles in the fields of art, culture and open source technology. Prior to Mozilla, she was Director of Baltan Laboratories, a laboratory for art and technology based in Eindhoven (NL).

Dialogues and Debates


Emrys Green

Emrys is a project manager working across the cultural & digital sector. He’s the projects manager at Upstart Projects and manages the Arts Award Youth Network. He’s UK-based and works mostly developing national projects connecting young people & creative opportunities – where digital connectivity plays a key part.

Erika Owens

Erika is a journalist and organizer based in Philadelphia. As Deputy Director with OpenNews, Erika convenes people and projects in journalism tech, and builds enduring connections by creating inclusive, caring spaces for the news nerd community. Erika also co-organizes Hacks/Hackers Philadelphia. She loves nonprofit journalism, people watching, and laughing heartily.

Melissa Romaine

Melissa connects a network of open internet activists to support initiatives ensuring many voices and perspectives are reflected in the movement for internet health. Originally from Japan, she worked on web literacy, education policy, and digital inclusion efforts in Latin America, Europe, and the US.

Wayfinding and Recognition

Tim Riches

Tim has worked in education for the past 13 years, first with arts groups, helping develop web -based participation projects and then co-founding award-winning open learning platforms including Radiowaves & NUMU. His main focus is working with partners and developing international partnerships and projects to drive the adoption of digital credentials.

MozFest Sponsors

MozFest is the world’s leading event for and by the open Internet movement, and one of Mozilla’s largest annual networking opportunities. This weeklong festival of interactive sessions, hands-on activities, and engaging talks brings together more than 2,500 passionate advocates of the open web from around the world.

In 2018, Mozilla is offering opportunities for mission-aligned companies to showcase their commitment to a healthy Internet with our 2,500+ guests and the millions of engaged supporters online. By partnering with us, you can:

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  • Provide your employees and clients with ways to teach, learn and get involved in key issues affecting the Internet today

Together, we can protect the Internet as a resource that will help grow your business, spark your next great idea, and deliver you the best tools and resources to get the job done.

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