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Calling all hackers, performers, students, activists, scientists, designers and beyond. If you love the Internet, MozFest is for you!

On October 22-28, join us in London to share the newest tech, wildest ideas, most amazing stories, and your brilliant plans to make the Internet even more awesome.

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Every year over 2500+ people flock to MozFest from around the world, to connect, share, learn, create... and party!

A note from Mark Surman

MozFest began as a small gathering in 2010 — a few hundred fiery thinkers dreaming and planning in Barcelona, Spain. Our goal was to connect people building a healthy Internet.

A healthy Internet is one that’s accessible to all; decentralized; bursting with vibrant, creative communities, trustworthy content, and groundbreaking ideas. It’s an Internet where users control their data, and privacy and intellectual freedom thrive. An Internet not of passive consumers, but of active creators, building and shaping online tools and spaces.

Today, the Internet is deeply entwined in our everyday lives, and MozFest, too, has grown. In 2017, we hosted 2,500 activists, coders, journalists and educators from 50 countries. The Festival unfolds in London, across seven days and two venues. It’s now co-designed with over 40 community volunteers. But our goal — to make our Internet, and our world, better — remains the same.

This year, ideas from Mozilla’s first full-length Internet Health Report — a deep look at how the Internet and human life intersect — are at the heart of the festival. At MozFest 2018, we’ll strategize our next moves in global campaigns for net neutrality, data privacy, and online freedom. We’ll advance thinking on topics like ethical AI and common-sense tech policy. We’ll collaborate on code, on art and practical ideas, creating seeds for the next great open-source products.

Join us, and fuel the movement for a healthier Internet!

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Sessions at MozFest are organised under — physical and thematic learning hubs based around a topic of broad relevance to a healthy Internet.


A space for unpacking concepts like mesh networking and blockchain — and conversely, internet shutdowns and monopolies

Digital Inclusion

A space exploring equity, access and participation for everyone, all across the web


A space for learning about open production, open projects, open code and all other things open

Privacy & Security

A space exploring encryption, VPNs, mass surveillance and safety online

Web Literacy

A space devoted to the skills required to read, write and participate on the web

Youth Zone

A space for youth leaders and their mentors who are creating art, technology and positive social change

Meet the MozFest Team!

Over 50 people collaborate to bring you MozFest each year — we have a core production team, a global group of community memebers who curate sessions and wrangle our Spaces, and of course, our generous sponsors.