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A seven day celebration for, by, and about people who love the internet, showcasing world-changing ideas and technology through workshops, talks, and interactive sessions.

Mozilla Festival (MozFest) 2018, London

Festival Weekend, October 26-28, North Greenwich

MozFest House Events, October 22-26, Central London

Past 'Dialogues & Debates' Speakers

Each year, MozFest features talks from luminaries at the intersection of technology and society. We host hackers, journalists, activists, and others on our stage. Here are just a few:

Zeynep Tufekci

professor and author

The Algorithmic Spiral of Silence

Ashley Black


A Pep Talk for Nerds

Gisela Pérez de Acha

lawyer and activist

How to Hack an Earthquake

Audrey Tang

Taiwan’s digital minister

Stories from the Future of Democracy

Eliot Higgins

Bellingcat founder

Open Source and Flight MH17

Julia Angwin

investigative journalist

What Algorithms Taught Me About Forgiveness

Emily May

Hollaback! co-founder

Being Human in the Dark Days of the Internet

Matt Mitchell

Cryptoharlem founder

It Takes a Hacker to Catch a Hacker

Nanjira Sambuli


Closing the Digital Gender Divide

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